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Students For Social Justice

Mission Statement

Our Values and Upcoming Events .

S4SJ is a student club at Oakton Community College committed to achieving genuine democracy and social justice in the U.S. and the worldwide community. Our main role is to provide educational opportunities for critical thinking and dialogue about social justice. We invite our fellow students to join our efforts to promote equality, freedom, peace and sustainable development for all people. We also encourage, and actively engage in, the political processes by which social change occurs. S4SJ is open to all Oakton students who share our concerns about the state of our world.

Our Values

UP Democracy and democratic Media

Our nation was founded on the principle that citizens should have control of the government and the media, not the other way around. We believe individuals and not political parties or corporations should be the prominent force in the democratic process.

Economic Justice

We believe in a living wage, fair trade, universal health care, and workers' rights. We recognize that global free trade and the current international loan structure have contributed to the diminishment of these values both here and abroad.

The Enviornment

The Earth's environment is necessary for the continued existence of the human species. We strive to protect our air, our water, our land and the other living things on the Earth from our waste and promote conservation and sustainable use.

Human Rights

We condemn discrimination and oppression of all kinds. We also oppose any attempts by any group to diminish anyone's human rights.


We are concerned about our nation's current state of globaldominance and our political leaders' open endorsement of this role. We recognize that the U.S.'s ambition to remain the dominant power causes a state of permanent war and insecurity, both here and abroad. We advocate for nonviolent solutions to the world's conflicts.